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[Fanfic] Queen Victoria Cafe [2/?]

Title: Queen Victoria Cafe
Author: Rissa_Ichigo
Pairing: Canada/Fem!America
Rating: PG for now
Summary: Classic story of a rich Georgetown, Washington DC girl named Amelia, who falls head over heels with the waiter at a middle-class restauraunt. Too bad he doesn't even know her name, and the fact that her father forbids her to even step one foot near the cafe!

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[Fanfic] Queen Victoria Cafe [1/?]

Title: Queen Victoria Cafe
Author: Rissa_Ichigo
Pairing: Canada/Fem!America
Rating: PG for now
Summary: Classic story of a rich Georgetown, Washington DC girl named Amelia, who falls head over heels with the waiter at a middle-class restauraunt. Too bad he doesn't even know her name, and the fact that her father forbids her to even step one foot near the cafe!


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[Fanfic] My Boy Builds Coffins

Title: My Boy Builds Coffins
Author: Rissa
Rating: M for Mature.
Warning: Umm....it's morbid. I don't know where this came from...>_>; XD
Summary: "Tied with a pretty pink ribbon and sitting slumped in the wooden chair was a gift that would be held highly among kings…..if you were a corpse like me."


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Your Hearts In A Headlock [6/6]

Title: Your Hearts In A Headlock
Author: Rissa
Genre: Drama, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Characters for Chapter 6: Russia, America, Ukraine, Belarus, Canada, England, France, and other UN members.
Summary: Two Decades after the fall, Russia still feels alone. Driving home late on the eve of his sister's birthday he hits America. Russia soon finds out that he has taken something vital from the young nation, and if it isn't restored, the whole world as he and everyone else knows it will change.


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You'll Be My Prince (Prologue)

Title: You'll Be My Prince
Author: Rissa
Pairing/s: Russia/Fem!America, Russia/America, and others. (It's a secret right now XD)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Amelia Kirkland is heir to the Kirkland fortune and next in line for Brittania's throne. Her father, fearing for her safety and well being, casted a spell on her at the mere age of six so no one could kidnap her. But at her coming-out ball at ninteen years old, Amelia meets a young man that will cause war to break out between two ancient families and open up a whole new world on which her father never wanted her to have.


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Hey everyone! Rissa here! Okay, so a long time ago, me and Nadya (silvensorrow ) took some cosplay pics of America and Russia! Nadya started it all by doing some pictures with beautiful make-up (She is AWESOME at make-up) of what she described to me as 'Priestess Russia' She gave me a whole background storyline, it was amazing! I got uber excited and asked/told (XD) her I want to try at this as well! So bam! Princess America.

We were originally going to post these with a fanfic because we had the whole plot thought out and everything, but sadly life got in the way, and it became clearer and clearer that this was not going to happen. XD


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Buttttt! I loved our pics so much, that I decided to finally post them! Nadya personally says 'Hi!' and that she's sorry but she has no life right now. XD School is a killer for her.


Never Again [America/Canada War of 1812]

Title: Never Again
Author: [info]rissa_ichigo
Recipient: [info]amoyr
Pairing/Characters: America/Canada with appearances by President Madison, Dolly Madison, and England.
Rating: PG-13 for death.
Summary: Going through the years of 1812, 1813, and 1814 for three different events. Last one, of course, being the burning of Washington DC.
Warnings: Umm, other than it being really long, not much. Fail characterization of the President and his wife?
Notes: Important note at the end! If you want info on anything else, please let me know and I can provide!


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Your Hearts In A Headlock [5/6]

Title: Your Hearts In A Headlock
Author: Rissa
Genre: Drama, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Characters for Chapter 5: Russia, America, Ukraine, Belarus, Canada, and England
Summary: Two Decades after the fall, Russia still feels alone. Driving home late on the eve of his sister's birthday he hits America. Russia soon finds out that he has taken something vital from the young nation, and if it isn't restored, the whole world as he and everyone else knows it will change.


Russia shuffled back a few steps, bumping further into England. The shorter nation peeked around Russia and fell silent. Russia stared straight into shiny sea-blue eyes that twinkled in amusement. A smile curved upwards and a twirl of limbs.

“Don’t just stand there gawking you two! Come on in, and shut the door! I don’t want the others to know. It’s a secret, okay?”

Russia turned numbly around to close the door, but found England doing it for him. England turned around and looked blankly at Russia, though his facial features shifted into a look of confusion. Most likely asking how he knew.

“Oh jeez! It’s been forever Arty!” A peal of laughter let out as the sea-blue eyes locked onto green ones. They glanced over to meet Russia’s puzzled violet ones and the smile turned into a grin. “Not that long for you though. Last time I saw you it was November, 1963, huh?”

“He just collapsed after he saw. I had to come and help things! Ivan, help me!”

“Of course.” Russia breathed out, looking back into the mirror face with widened eyes. Of course she is here now.

Amelia’s face lit up as she took in Russia’s expression. “Ah ha! I knew you would figure it out!”

England had been silently watching Amelia from his place near the bedroom door, but now walked up beside Russia and pointed a shaking finger at them.

“What the bloody hell are you two talking about!?” England narrowed his eyes and set his sights on America’s other half who was currently rocking back and forth on her heels. “Amelia!”

Amelia smirked at England. “That’s my name!”

Before England blew up, Russia decided to cut in. “The last time I saw Amelia Jones was the day of President Kennedy’s assassination. Alfred had collapsed after he saw it happen and she took over. She called me despite of our…relations at the time, and asked me to come and help get him back awake.” Russia glanced over to see Amelia watch him with fondness. “Of course, when Alfred finally woke up, she had disappeared.” Russia didn’t add that she had left him to a very depressed and angry America who decided to lash out at the one ‘enemy’ in the room with him.

Amelia turned to England and grabbed his hands, holding them against her chest. She smiled kindly down at him (still taller).

“Of course, you know more or less of why I appear. After all, you saw me after the Triangle Shirt-waist Fire. He had collapsed after he learned his friend Betsy was killed.” Amelia scrunched her nose and shook her head in distaste. Russia knew Amelia didn’t like Alfred making close friends with his citizens. She said it was too risky.

England nodded at the memory and then glanced behind her to the bed where Alfred lay asleep. His eyes studied America too closely for Russia’s liking, and he was about to say so when England gasped.

“But! But that doesn’t make sense now! Shouldn’t Alfred be himself when he’s awake!? Have all his memories?”

Amelia walked over to the bed and ran her manicured nails through Alfred’s hair. “Yes….that would have been the case, had not Ivan hit him-“ Russia felt his stomach clench tightly, “and his stress being so high.”

“I keep telling that boy to get some rest…”England muttered, “he never listens!”

Amelia laughed, leaning down to kiss Alfred on the forehead. “You and I both, Arty! Remember what a pain he was during the Civil War?

England grimaced and looked down at the sleeping nation. He did, it seemed, although it was not a pleasant memory for him.

“Anyway!” Amelia straightened and walked back over to where England and Russia stood. “No need to worry! He should get his memories back in no time!”

“Are you sure, Amelia?” England bit his lip, flicking his gaze between Amelia and Alfred.

Amelia’s eyes softened and she smiled, giving England a nod. “When have I ever been wrong, Arty?”

England gave her the look and she grinned in response.

“About the real important stuff!”

“I suppose….”

“All right! Now go on and get! Tell the others!” Amelia pushed England over to the door, opening it and shoving the small nation out the door.

“What about-“

“I need to have a word with Ivan for a sec, okay? Bye!” Amelia slammed the door and Russia arched an eyebrow as she locked the door.

Amelia pressed one ear to the door, and after a few minutes, pulled away. England loved to eavesdrop on conversations. She turned around and stood facing Ivan, a serious look on her heart-shaped face. Russia finally had time to take in her appearance, and found out, with amusement, that she was wearing grey sweatpants and a too-big-for-her graphic t-shirt with the words ‘I’m Lovin It’ on the front. Obviously she had gone through Alfred’s clothes his sisters had brought over the third day after the accident.

“Things are different, big guy.”

“How do you mean?”

Amelia held a finger to her lips in a quiet motion and went to stand right against Russia. Russia felt himself blush as she stood up on the balls of her toes, pressing further into Russia as she went to cover his ear with her hands. Her warm breath fanned against his skin and he was about to pull away when her whispered words caused him to still.

“A-are you sure?” Russia stuttered out, eyes shooting over to watch the sleeping nation.

“I’m almost positive. That’s why it ticks me off.” Amelia scowled, narrowing her eyes at Alfred. Her face split into a grin after a second. “However! It’s kind of cute, if I’m right!”

“What?” Russia breathed out, heat flooding his body. Did the temperature go up in the room?

“You guys are very close! I know I’ve had a crush on you, big guy!” Amelia winked at Russia and walked back over to the door.

“Now out! Alfred’s about to wake up and you need to go get Arty! You guys have a ‘problem’ about the meeting tomorrow right?”

Russia gave a meek nod, mind still reeling with the new information.

“Well then, do me a favor and remind Arty about his wand. I think he will know what to do!” Amelia skipped over to Russia and kissed him on the cheek, not helping his current state at all.

“See you later cutie!”


After Amelia slammed the door a second time, Russia made his way back to the kitchen to find everyone arguing. They all stopped as he entered, and England almost seems to glare daggers at him.

“What did she need to tell you?” England said with a hint of jealousy in his voice.

Russia narrowed his eyes. “None of your business. However, she told me to remind you about your…umm, wand. She said it might help for this situation.

England’s eyes went round as saucers and he let out a huge smile. “Of course! That’s my girl!”

“She isn’t yours.” Russia gritted out. England did not hear, or chose not to hear, for he had already started to exit the kitchen and walk down the hall to America’s room. Everyone quickly followed. They all shuffled into the room to see England shaking America awake.

“Wha? What is it?” America blinked his eyes open and immediately shrunk to see five pairs of eyes on him.

“What’s going on? Ivan!”

Russia stepped forward but held back from going over to America. America’s eyes flickered for a split second into surprise before his attention was snatched away by England.

“I know a solution! I can turn you physically into a ten-year old with my magic!”

America gasped and looked fearful in an instant. He snapped his open mouth closed and scrunched his eyebrows.

“Magic? There is no such thing!” America gave a weak laugh, flicking his gave back to Russia. Russia smiled at him.

“Of course there is, you dolt! It’s just only that..ah, a select few can wield it!” England beamed down at America and suddenly a wand popped into existence into the air. It fell but England managed to catch it. He twirled it in his hands before pointing it straight at the younger nation.

“Now just hold still for a second.”

“No way!” America sprung up out of bed in fear, but it was too late.

A bright light flashed, casting the whole room in neon green. A loud popping noise was heard before a bang, releasing heavy white smoke into the room. Russia, his sisters, and everyone else began coughing. Russia became worried and waited for the smoke to clear. It would be his luck that England’s spell would go wrong and they would find America turned into a fat cat or some other animal.

“Alfred?” Russia called out, moving around to the other side of the bed where America fell off.

A tiny cough sounded and Russia looked down and blinked.

“Are you some crazy person! What the hell did you do, throw down a smoke bomb or something?”

America stood up, his tiny face scrunched in anger. He jolted and looked down to see his previous worn jeans a puddle at his feet and the t-shirt hanging on him like a dress. His glasses, having already been off, wouldn’t have been able to fit him. For England’s spell had worked.

“Why are you so tall?” America exclaimed.

Well, sort of. America was physically about six rather than his ‘mental state’ of ten.

“Oh my god! Al!” Matthew rushed over to America and crouched down, giving him a hug. America squirmed and pushed back. Russia smirked, he wasn’t using his true strength.

“Alfred! My boy!” England rushed over and tugged America away from Canada, hugging him in what was possibly a squeeze of death. America spluttered and blushed but gave in to his former charges embrace.

Russia looked back to see how his sisters took it and saw both of them with identical smiles. Belarus even had a faint blush.

“Oh my gosh! He’s so adorable!” Ukraine gushed out.

Looks like the meeting would not be total chaos at America’s ‘condition’, it would be a complete disaster.


Ta-da! only one more chapter to gooooo! I'm so happy I'm actually finishing a fanfic! <3 Comments are love!

BTW- I now have a tumblr account where I post all my sketches and artwork that I won't here, so please take a look and comment! I'm trying to improve! http://rissajones.tumblr.com/


[Sketch] Praticing Anatomy!

Characters: Fem!Russia/Fem!America, Fem!America/Russia, and an OC
Warning: DO NOT have a scanner yet so I have to take a picture of each drawing. So....I played around with Contrast and Brightness and such so you can see better!

First Up: My 2 Hetalia pics!

 This one is my fave! <3 Yea...let's just imagine that Amelia has a really nice ass. XD


And now my OC-

Woot! I love drawing with a classic pencil and paper because it's WAY better than my skills with a tablet (>_>;) My dad was going to scan them for me....until my sis pointed out that the 2nd Russ/Amer pic most likely wouldn't fly by my dad. *sigh* Gosh I need a scanner. or develop the awesome skills on Tegaki like Alatherna has.

Anways! Thanks for taking a look! Remember, I'm starting requests to help me get better! Just give me a reference pic for the pose and a theme! Also, if you have any tips/advice for me, PLEASE do tell me! I'm trying to improve!

Your Hearts In A Headlock [4/?]

Title: Your Hearts In A Headlock
Author: Rissa
Genre: Drama, Angst
Rating: PG-13
Characters for Chapter 4: Russia, America, Ukraine, Belarus, Canada, and England
Summary: Two Decades after the fall, Russia still feels alone. Driving home late on the eve of his sister's birthday he hits America. Russia soon finds out that he has taken something vital from the young nation, and if it isn't restored, the whole world as he and everyone else knows it will change.


America paced back and forth near the refreshment table. Every few seconds he would glance up from his gaze on the floor and scan the ballroom, looking intently for someone.

“Alfred.” A chuckle sounded to his right.

America glared up at Russia then pouted. “I don’t see what’s so funny about this, Ivan.”

“I’m simply amused about how much you worry over this. You know she will come.”

America stopped his pacing and leaned back against the table, hip brushing against the taller nations. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

“I know, I know. That doesn’t mean I won’t stop fretting till then.”

Russia placed a comforting hand on the small of America’s back and pulled him into his side. America was tempted to lean into the touch, but thought better of it in the crowded ballroom.

A cough sounded left of their position, and America and Russia both turned their head.

“Looking for me Sweetie-pie?” A light bell-sounding voice laughed.

America tensed slightly before a somewhat-forced smile stretched across his face.

“Amelia, so glad of you to join us.” Russia extended his hand and Amelia reached forward to shake it.

“Ah Ivan, you told my dearest little self that I wouldn’t let him down, right?”

“I see you didn’t drag England and France to this.” America cut in with a smirk.

Amelia’s gaze slowly slid over to meet America’s and she smiled sweetly. “I dare say they didn’t want to linger with unpleasant company. You understand right?”

America’s eyes narrowed in anger and he took a step forward. “Real funny Amelia. Maybe they just don’t like you. I don’t see them coming over to visit you.”

Amelia’s smile stretched into a grin. She didn’t take the bait. “You’re right Honey, they don’t like you, do they? Does that hurt? They are so eager….” Amelia leaned forward until her mouth hovered next to Alfred’s ear. “To see us split. Tear apart.”

America jolted back, bumping into Russia. Amelia’s face slipped for a second into a sorrow look before her brightly lit smile grew back in place.

“I think you should be leaving now, Amelia.” Russia gave her an icy stare.

“I’m going big guy!” Amelia turned and began walking away. She stopped just before she entered the crowd of party-goers and turned around to smile sadly at America.

“Let me know, Sweetie-pie, when the pain becomes too much. I can help you.”

America gave her a disgusted look as she turned her back and vanished among his people. He finally let go and choked back a scream as a rack of shudders caused him to collapse on the ballroom floor.


September 3rd, 2010

Russia gently squeezed America’s hand, staring down at the sleeping nation. It was a bleak eight am, and Russia, Canada, England, and Ukraine had spent all night beside America’s bed, trying to come up with reasons on why he collapsed. They all at one point came to the thought that America may have gotten all his memories back, but it was too soon to tell.

“Must you hold his hand like that?”

Russia’s eyes narrowed slightly and he turned his head to give England a sharp glare. Ah England. After America had fainted, he started screaming all sorts of oaths and curses at Russia, even at one point stating that the larger nation had poisoned America’s cookie. Russia calmly reminded England that it had not been he who had made them. England fell silent for only a second before he started ranting about how America needs to be taken care of by an actual family member (pointing at himself) while Canada and Ukraine stood in the back, baffled and embarrassed.

“Yes, I must. He needs someone comforting to assure him everything will be fine when he wakes.”

England gave a snort and moved from his spot in the desk chair over to sit on the other side of the bed, grabbing for America’s other hand.

“You, comforting? That’s a laugh.”

Russia felt heat flare up into his cheeks and he grinded his teeth. “Don’t insult me in my own home England. I can kick you out very easily. And not just from this house, but my country as well.”

Russia was glad his sister and Canada had retired to their rooms for some sleep awhile ago. He did not want to seem like a bad person in front of them. He would gladly kick England’s ass, as America would say, if not for the fact that that very nation was asleep in the room, and if woken, would not find it as amusing as he would.

England pursed his lips and glared at Russia.


“Alfred!” Russia and England both shouted at the same time.

America was starting to sit up, the covers gripped lightly in his hands. His blue eyes widened however, when he found not only Russia sitting on his bed, but England as well, and he shrunk back down, covers held up just below his eyes. He looked so much younger and more vulnerable without his glasses.

Russia was the first to snap out of his gaze and gave a tentative smile.

“He-hello.” America meekly said while staring at England cautiously.

“Do you remember what happened, Alfred?” Russia drew back America’s attention with his softly spoken question.

“Not really…..” America sunk lower under the covers as if it was a bad thing not to remember.

Russia and England both let out a sigh. “I figured as much.” Russia reached out a hand and patted America’s head. “But that’s okay. I’m sure we will figure this all out soon enough.”

“I’m sorry.” America mumbled out, pulling the covers down to just below his chin.

“It’s not your fault, lad.” England insisted while brushing away Russia’s hand to replace with his own. Russia shot him a glare which was promptly ignored.

“I…I just feel like I keep failing you guys. Whenever I try to remember, I get a-“ America cut off and winced in pain. Russia and England’s eyebrows shot up in alarm.

“Are you okay, Alfred?” Russia leaned forward.

“Yes.” America nodded and looked down at the bedcovers.

A knock sounded at the door.

“Come in!”

Russia, England, and America looked over and saw Ukraine gently open the door.

“Breakfast is ready! We made pancakes, French toast, scrambled eggs, and toast.”

“We?” Russia asked in amusement. Ukraine gave a blush and mumbled out Canada’s name.

“Food!” America shot up to a straight sitting position and stared at Ukraine with bright eyes. He looked as if he expected her to magically present the food right then and there.

“Glad to see another thing hasn’t changed about you. Still think with your stomach, hmm?” England mused, smiling at America who blushed and gave a weak glare back.


“Give me the syrup Mattie!”

“It’s ‘Please pass me the syrup’ Alfred. Really now. Manners?” England stared down America until the young nation did as he was told. America stuck out his tongue, however, when England turned to answer a question Ukraine asked.

They were now all crammed together around the dining table, eating breakfast. Russia only had four chairs so he had to go and get two desk chairs from one of the guest rooms. America was happily devouring his six pancakes, four French toasts, two toasted bread, and a heaping of scramble eggs loaded with salt and pepper. It never ceased to amaze Russia on how much the younger nation could cram his bottomless stomach with. Belarus munched on her two French toast pieces daintily while occasionally shooting the unwelcome visitors a glare. England sat on the other side of America making sure to point out all the boys’ faults, and Ukraine and Canada were engaged in a light conversation that brought blushes and shy glances at each other.

“Done!” America shouted a few minutes later. He hurriedly got out of his chair. “Mattie! Didn’t you say you brought me some toys to play with!?” America tugged at his brothers’ sleeve.

“Ah, yes I did…” Canada was dragged from his chair and to the exit of the kitchen.

“Where do you think you are going? You need to clean your plate!” England called out.

Too late. America stole away Canada to his room, shouting a ‘later fuzzy-brows’ to a miffed England. Russia chuckled and went around the table picking up every ones dishes and bringing them over to the sink. Ukraine and Belarus helped while England took the condiments and put them away with help from Ukraine.



Russia set down a dry plate and hurried over to the cord phone on the wall, picking it up shortly.

“Hello? Ivan Braginski speaking.”


Russia quietly opened the door to America’s temporary room. He was greeted by the sight of America getting whacked in the face with a small wooden ball hanging off a string from a stick handle with a hollow round shape at the top. Canada sat next to him, grinning, and burst into a fit of giggles after the hit. America proceeded to smack Canada on the arm and tried again. No success.

“Canada? I need to speak with you for a moment.”

America looked up with a confused look.

“It will only be for a few minutes, little one.” Russia assured.

America wrinkled his nose and frowned. “Don’t call me that. I’m ten years old, not three! Jeesh!”

Canada got up and exited the room. Russia closed the door and led the northern nation back to the kitchen, where everyone else was seated.

“What was that call about, Russia?” England stared intently at Russia, suspicion lurking in his eyes. Trust England to know what was up.

“As I’m sure you guessed, that was France on the phone.” Russia went over to stand by the sink, facing the table.

“And….?” Belarus asked.

“And he was kindly reminding me to not forget my notes for tomorrows UN meeting.”

Shocked gasps pierced through the air.

“Oh my god! The UN meeting! I forgot!” Canada choked out.

Russia nodded grimly. “I think we all did.”

“That’s why we’re in this bloody country.” England muttered out, earning a flash of silver from Belarus.

“What of America?” Ukraine murmured. “He’s forgotten everything about who he is.”

Russia grimaced. “We will just have to inform everyone of his condition. Perhaps they can help? The only thing I don’t like about informing everyone is that then America’s government will know.”

England and Canada looked sharply at Russia. “That’s good. Then they can take him back to his home and help him.” Canada pointed out.

Russia frowned and England narrowed his eyes. “You thought to keep him here with you, didn’t you?”

Russia blushed slightly and looked down at his feet. “Ah, not forever…..”

“I can’t believe you!”

Russia couldn’t stop the heat spreading across his face and decided to leave to calm down. He wasn’t in the wrong to help America out, of course not. It was the ‘hero’ thing to do, as America would say. Russia never got to spend much time with America these days anyways. He was so busy all the time. Hit with one crisis after another.

“I’m going to go check on America.” Russia muttered, walking out of the kitchen.

“Oh no, you don’t! I’m coming as well.” England shouted, bolting from his chair and following after the larger nation.

Russia shot England a glare but didn’t object. He knew England would come whether he wanted him to, or not. He reached the door to America’s room and noticed it was silent. No noise coming from inside. That was odd…..had America fallen asleep from playing too much?

Russia quickly opened the door and started to walk in, but froze. England bumped into him and cursed out, but Russia didn’t hear it. His eyes only focused ahead.

“Hey there, big guy!”


Woot! Another chappy done! Only one or two left! ^3^ Hope you like! <3

Drew what Amelia was wearing to the party-